CementSizer In-Process Particle Analyser

CementSizer In-Process Particle Analyser

The CementSizer with patented technology, acts as the eye of the milling process. Harnessing Low Angle Laser Light Scattering (LALLS), also known as laser diffraction, cement particles are measured in a continual flow with in-process particles sampled directly from the process.

At the core of the CementSizer in-process particle analyzer, is a highly durable laser diffraction instrument, built to withstand the challenges of any cement mill. We use high stability lasers, the best optics, and the highest specification custom designed detectors found in any in-process particle analyzer today, and put it all inside a high quality precision optical bench. This simple step alone, has given us stability not possible with any other system in the industry. Add to that, carefully designed kinematic optical mounts, the latest electronics and an IP65 rated enclosure, making the CementSizer a first within the industry.

It superseded (the Blaine method) which traditionally was used to predict the compressive strength of the product and can also indicate the effectiveness of the milling process. The move from making infrequent measurements (after the event) in the laboratory, to measuring the cement in real time, on-line at the process provides many benefits. Not only does this ensure high quality product is produced all the time but it also results in energy cost savings and can increase throughput for those plants that are already working at their nominal capacity. Automation of the process, results in increased productivity by minimising over-grinding and reducing the proportion of off-specification product during product changeovers.

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