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Fabric Processing Solutions

SB Chem-Text in collaboration with Zytex Corporation and Rashesh & Co, Mumbai, offers end to end solutions for Textile & Garment Processing, such as Desizing, Biopolishing, Finishes, Soaping, Biofading, Bleaching etc. Our experienced team provides customized solutions for challenging issues faced by Textile & Garment Processing industry.

Enzymes have found wide application in the textile industry for improving production methods and fabric finishing. Amylase is used to remove starch and cellulases are used for fabric finishing. Cellulases are also used to prevent pilling and improve the smoothness and colour brightness of cotton fabrics. We offer various environmentally friendly quality enhancing enzymatic solutions and auxiliaries for textile processing.

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Garment Processing Solution

SB Chem-Text offers various enzymatic solutions and auxiliaries for Textile and Garment processing to improve the quality and save the environment. Enzymes are biological molecules generated by living cells to speed up the chemical reaction without damaging the environment. Enzymes are quite specific in their action on a particular substance. A small quantity of enzyme is able to decompose a large quantity of the substance it acts upon.

The denim industry is driven by fashion trends. The various cellulases are available for different wash down effects on denim garments which gives fashion designers a pallet of possibilities to create new shades and finishes.

Most denim jeans or other denim garments are subjected to a wash treatment to give them a slightly worn look. In the traditional stone-washing process, the blue denim is faded by the abrasive action of pumice stones on the denim garment surface which removes some of the Indigo dye. However too much abrasion can damage the fabric. This is why denim finishers today use cellulases for wash down effect on denim. A small dose of enzyme can replace several kilograms of stones. Both neutral cellulases and acid cellulases are used for abrasion effects on denim. Enzymes have opened up new possibilities in denim finishing by increasing the variety of finishes available.

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