Business Strategy deals with the actions taken by management to produce successful performance in a specific line of business.

Your business strategy should clearly articulate the direction your business will pursue, and the steps to be taken to achieve its goals. Having the wrong business strategy in place, or an inefficient one is a disaster recipe for your business from the get-go!

SB Consulting will help you create a business strategy by determining your competitive advantages and focus on your strengths to dominate your industry.



  • Startup and SME Business plans
  • Competitive and Growth Strategy plans
  • Financial plans and Wealth Management plans
  • Business Process Transformation and Re-engineering plans

Corporate Strategy

We help C-suite executives navigate the complexities of their industries and make better decisions. Whether it’s facilitating a senior executive workshop that will define a new aspiration for a business unit, developing a tool to prioritize emerging communication issues, conducting global best practice research in support of a major business transformation, building a market-sizing model for a new product introduction or creating a strategic framework to analyze potential acquisition targets, we use deep analysis and a broad understanding of market trends to recommend winning strategies for our clients.


Organizational Design & Process Alignment

We work collaboratively with clients to determine the best operating model to support their objectives. We focus on the critical levers of structure, governance, talent, culture, processes and systems to understand the organization’s strengths and challenges, identify areas of improvement, and design customized solutions that take performance to new levels. We believe good strategy must be supported by an aligned and activated organization.