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30 questions to himself on the eve of the new year

On the eve of the New Year, it’s time to take stock and make plans. But almost no one makes such a self -report seriously. We are too lazy, once, and why do this … The reason is that it is difficult to be honest with yourself. This is a job, but it is worth doing it in order to better understand yourself, live more conscious and calmer.

The word “results” itself sounds a little menacing, as if demanding global achievements from us. The load of responsibility presses so … and this is another trap that we fall into, avoiding a frank conversation with ourselves.

To facilitate your task, try to answer simple (and actually serious) questions. Be sure to write down answers and don’t show anyone. And a year later, return to them to figure out how you have changed, what you have achieved and what has not yet succeeded.

1. The best moment of the year is ..

2. What especially inspired me this year?

3. The main news of the year.

5. The most important people in my life.

6. What was the most difficult thing for me?

7. What color was this year?

8. What event of this year I would like to remember forever?

9. What word I most often pronounced?

10. My most ridiculous purchase of this year.

eleven. Perhaps it was not worth experimenting with ..

12. This year was beautiful because.

13. What internal problem I successfully solve?

14. Whom I hugged at night?

15. Whose wedding I walked?

16. What is the average salary I had this year?

17. Did I have a conversation that turned everything over in my head?

18. What a new business I started in 2020?

19. If for one day I

could become a superhero, what would I do?

20. What am I dreaming about?

21. What I consider my main achievement?

22. This year can be described in one phrase: .

23. The last message I sent.

24. Quote suitable for this year.

25. Whether I did everything I planned for this year?

26. How many new friends I started this year?

27. To whom I helped this year?

28. Where I went?

29. What business I postponed next year?

thirty. What do I want to achieve in the new year?

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