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Thermal Imaging Solutions

Thermal Monitoring for kiln and cooler

Thermoteknix Systems Limited, UK

Thermoteknix is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of thermal imaging systems, combining expertise and excellence.

Imaging systems for high temperature process environments

Helps to improve operational efficiency and combustion control while enabling safe compliance with pollution minimizing protocols.

ThermaScope HDT radiometric Kiln and Cooler camera
ThermaScope HDC Kiln and Cooler camera
Centurion TK50 Kiln Shell Scanner and WinCem MultiView
Multiview Enterprise

ThermaScope HDT Radiometric Kiln and Cooler Camera

ThermaScope HDT temperature cameras provide high quality imagery from inside the kiln or cooler.

Based on Thermoteknix’s proprietary miniature infrared camera module with high-resolution progressive scan technology, ThermaScope HDT deliver real-time radiometric imaging with accurate temperature measurement.

ThermaScope HDT kiln and cooler cameras improve operational efficiency and facilitate the combustion control process while enabling safe compliance with pollution minimising protocols.

ThermaScope HDT kiln cameras work in conjunction with Thermoteknix real-time ThermaScope MultiView state-of-the-art software.

ThermaScope HDT aids in detecting snowmen, red rivers and other process anomalies to make routine plant maintenance and shutdowns more predictable and less disruptive to production.

ThermaScope HDT cameras are built to withstand the harsh environment of the cement kiln and provide high quality, reliable and accurate data from inside the kiln.

Requiring minimal maintenance, our cameras relay valuable information from the heart of the clinker-making process, enabling plant engineers to make informed decisions about their operation.

ThermaScope HDC Kiln and Cooler Camera

High-definition colour Camera for Coolers and burner zones.

Thermoteknix’s high-definition, high-speed ThermaScope HDC colour camera provides high quality imaging from inside the kiln and or cooler.

ThermaScope HDC cameras deliver exceptional detail and visualisation of your process in real time.

High frame rates enable process engineers to determine operational conditions quickly and reliably.

Our high-definition cameras enable you to observe the effect of control changes with a high degree of confidence.

Confidence and control are critical elements of developing robust and effective optimisation programmes and the ThermaScope HDC will play an essential part of the team.

High definition, high performance camera for rotary kiln and high energy industrial applications

Kiln shell line scanner and data visualisation system

Centurion TK50 scans the length of the cement kiln 30 times per second making hundreds of thousands of accurate temperature measurements in real time, along and around the circumference of the kiln.

It operates continuously, reliably and accurately at wide ambient temperature ranges with state of the art solid state electronics and a high-performance thermo-electrically cooled detector for optimum sensitivity, accuracy and ruggedness, detecting hot spots and changes in coating before damage occurs to the refractory lining and kiln shell.

Fibre optic signal transmission ensures error-free communications in the harshest environments, immune from electrical and mechanical interference.

Centurion TK50 works with powerful award-winning market leading Thermoteknix WinCem MultiView software bringing unparalleled high definition display, coating/brick thickness displays, dynamic multi-region trending, heat loss/thermodynamics package and many more features for alarm monitoring and process interfacing.

Thermoteknix’s patented PosiTrak alignment technology allows key features of the kiln to be superimposed on the image and to maintain consistent, precise spot measurement at every point of the kiln and the values seamlessly merged with scanner data including elimination of shadows caused by intervening obstructions to the field of view.


Real-time data imaging, replay and data analysis for ThermaScopeHD cameras & Centurion Kiln Shell Scanner

MultiView Enterprise from Thermoteknix is a unique solution which provides a dynamic timeline with a single, intuitive common user interface to deliver seamless display and operation of multiple temperature sensors inside and outside the rotary kiln and cooler.

Operators can easily view, and switch between sensors, view live and historical data separately or in sync between the kiln shell, burning zone and cooler.
Simple controls enable accurate rewind, pause and replay on demand.

Temperature versus time trend graphs deliver new and historical user-defined measurement tool data, dynamically displayed along a continuous timeline from past to present and beyond.

Complete control in one simple interface saving time & money

MultiView Enterprise is a dedicated kiln process software system, delivering real-time and historical process insight, condition alarming and control, all in one easy to use, real time, plant configurable package.

MultiView Enterprise accepts process data from multiple instrument systems, displaying the results with unmatched clarity and ease of operation, unlike the screen clutter and complexities found in competitive systems.

High-definition video from critical stages in the process can be easily viewed, replayed and recorded on a common timeline linking kiln shell scanners, pyrometers, kiln and cooler cameras alike.

MultiView Enterprise and Thermoteknix solutions are helping plants around the globe to maximise production and product quality. Our systems are assisting industry to meet increasing demands from environmental regulation and the challenges of incorporating variable and alternative fuels.

This product incorporates ThermaScope®, WinCem®, PosiTrak®, Centurion® and WinBrix® technologies.

Innovation at Work®, ThermaScope®, WinCem®, PosiTrak®, Centurion®, WinBrix®, Thermoteknix® and the Thermoteknix Systems Ltd logo are registered trademarks of Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.

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